Japanese Wedding Chapel Allows You To Marry Game Characters Using Virtual Reality

Japanese game creators took their dating game to the next level with virtual reality.


Game developer Hibiki Works, creators of dating game Lovely x Cation, decided that they needed something that will set them apart from other games.

Their idea was to allow the game to progress from their phone into reality, through virtual reality technology.

They set up an event where players were able to marry their chosen girl “in real life” using a VR headset.

To make the experience more realistic, the company has worked with an actual wedding chapel to allow these ceremonies to take place.

Taking place on June 30, the “grooms” were even dressed in tuxedos when they arrived and the ceremony was conducted by an actual wedding coordinator.


Through this, the creators allowed these fans to live out their wildest dreams by marrying their favorite in-game girlfriends.

Source: Rocketnews24

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