Japanese Woman Makes A Horrifying Discovery While Cleaning Her House

It was a bizarre and frightening case.

Sumio Suenaga was 66-years old when he went missing in 2015. He lived with his two younger siblings in a house located in the town of Kasugai, Japan.

Sumio Suenaga was the landlord of the house he shared with his siblings | Daily Star

Holding out hope that he’d return soon, the younger sister and brother only filed a missing person’s report the following year. They told the police that they had last seen Sumio in 2014, saying that he never returned home.

In 2020, the younger sister decided that five years was enough time to process her brother’s disappearance. She entered his room for the first time since realizing he had gone missing.

Sumio’s sister entered his room for the first time in five years in 2020 | Daily Star

Horrifyingly, however, she discovered something unexpected—an unclothed skeletonized body. The 69-year old woman immediately informed police of her findings.

I found something that I think are human bones.

— Sumio’s younger sister

Police were immediately called to the scene | Daily Star 

They were not able to test the skeleton to determine its age or sex, but police theorized that it most likely belonged to Sumio. The siblings lived with the corpse close by for up to five years without their knowledge.

Netizens guessed that the advanced ages of the siblings meant that they were not keeping regular schedules, thus easily getting confused at each other’s exact schedules and whereabouts.

| Daily Star 
Source: Japan Today

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