The Japanese Woman Has Literally Not Aged A Day In 30 Years & Is Being Called “Lady of Eternal Youth”

This 50-year-old woman could pass as a 20-year-old!

This 50-year-old Japanese woman is called “Lady of Eternal Youth” because she literally hasn’t aged in 30 years.


In 2012, Masako Mizutani made headlines around the world for her youthful looks at the age of 44. She had a 20-year-old daughter at the time but looked like a teenager herself!

Masako Mizutani (right) with her 20-year-old daughter.


She got modeling gigs for major Japanese clothing and beauty brands thanks to her youthful appearance, and in 2015 her popularity skyrocketed when she won Japan’s “Youthful Pageant”.

Masako Mizutani aged 44.
Masako Mizutani aged 49.


Now, she’s 50 years old and still hasn’t aged a day!


She says the secret to her youthful looks is in maintaining a strict vegetarian diet and avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

She also keeps herself away from too much sunlight and donates around 5 hours a day to pampering her skin and body.


According to the beauty expert, it’s important to keep both your mind and body active as you age.

Masako Mizutani aged 44.

She does regular workouts and stimulates her brain with video games like Pacman to keep her perception and coordination sharp.


She has made a career out of writing beauty blogs and selling and reviewing products on her website, “Masako’s Salon”.

Her makeup tips include using techniques that give the “forever young” look, with colors and brands suitable for her age; eating a balanced diet with healthy proportions; and maintaining a rigorous skin care routine.


While many still think she has access to a secret magic fountain, it’s clear that looking young requires a level of commitment that definitely pays off!

Source: Nextshark and Bizar Bin