Japanese YouTuber Mistaken For Member Of BTS During Airport Security Check In America

He said BTS is 1,000 times cooler than him.

HIKAKIN is a popular Japanese YouTuber who operates 5 channels and became popular through posting music-related videos, such as beatboxing. He recently revealed an incident that recently took place in the United States in which he was mistaken for a member of BTS! In a post to SNS, HIKAKIN said, “My New York trip was fulfilling. This photo is from the tallest building  in the United States.


He went on to say, “At the airport in the United States, the security got excited and mistook me for a member of BTS. I’m sorry, but BTS is 1,000 times cooler than me, so I quickly denied it.

HIKAKIN & Ariana Grande | Source: HIKAKIN/YouTube

Netizens who read his story responded with comments such as, “HIKAKIN-san is cool too!” and “Interesting misunderstanding!

Source: k-style.jp