These Japanese university students dressed in cosplay for their graduation ceremony

Students from Kyoto University certainly know how to graduate in style, as they dressed up in creative costumes for the special ceremony.

Students from the elite Kyoto University recently graduated as the class of 2017, and their graduation ceremony was definitely one to remember, rather than a traditional event where students wear black robes, these students could choose what they wore, and the results were amazing.

Kyoto University is known to be one of best universities in the world, and students are expected to stick to a rigorous schedule full of lectures and packed with hard work. Since the university has such a strong reputation, it’s easy to assume that their graduation ceremonies would be very formal, yet these students were allowed to spend this special occasion dressing as their favorite anime characters, iconic figures, and even food!

After the hard work and so many hours spent studying, graduating university is something really worth celebrating.

Check out their creative costumes below!

If you were afraid of Thomas and Friends before, wait till you see these fellas!
These students dressed as the apps that almost everyone needs in their life.
Quick! Run towards these guys and spin them around for items and Pokéballs!
No wonder it’s so easy to lose your student ID card…it has legs!
This man came as his favorite meal!
Everyone’s favorite adorable animated characters!
Japan’s “Wally” even showed up for the event.
May the force be with you and your future career!
A balloon animal head…GENIUS!
Ready to celebrate with some beer!!
There’s nothing better than Hydrogen water for staying healthy.
Bless the Lord for helping us survive all the years of tears and homework.