Jay Park Fans Bought His Clothes For Charity But They Were Shocked By What They Found In His Pockets

They received “bonus gifts”.

Jay Park participated in the 4th Charity Bazaar For The Elderly, where he donated his treasured items, such as blankets, toys, clothes, household items, food and more. These items were put up for sale, with the profits going towards a charitable cause.


Among the many fans who purchased Jay Park’s personal goods, one fan found 30,000 won (~$27 USD) in the pocket of his jacket! She urged other fans to search the pockets of the other clothes he donated.


Low and behold, other fans found various different “bonus gifts” inside their Jay Park goodies! Jay Park’s “pocket donation” went viral as fans uploaded what they found. One fan found a wrist band from a club and a gum wrapper.


Another fan found a used mask with another gum wrapper.


And another fan bought three of his hats, and found…


… a strand of his hair!


As the “pocket donation” went viral, Jay Park personally responded to the issue through Instagram live. He jokingly claimed that the 30,000 won was a special prize money that he hid inside his donations and the rest of the trash were fake prizes.

“It was for people’s fun. What happened was… The 30,000 won was a special prize. The person who found it won, and I gave trash to the rest.”

— Jay Park


Jay Park never seizes to keep his fans on their toes!

Source: Dispatch