Jay Park Wants To Be The Newest Member Of GOT7 And Fans Are All For It

It’s iGOT8 Forever!

It was recently announced that GOT7‘s Jay B was the latest artist to sign with Jay Park‘s record label H1GHR MUSIC. However, it seems as if the deal might be more for the benefit of Jay Park to join GOT7!

| H1GHR MUSIC/YouTube 

After the news was announced, Jay B went live on Instagram and was joined by Jay Park and fellow GOT7 member Yugyeom.

From the very beginning, it seemed like Jay Park wanted to be in the group by saying, “Our GOT8 member, one member is here!” He also joked that they all needed to practice at some point in the future before ending with, “GOT8 Forever!”

It is not the first time that Jay Park has tried to join GOT7. Earlier in the month, Yugyeom posted a very artistic-looking image on his Instagram. Fans were quick to see a comment from Jay Park, saying, “Let me join bro #igot8.”

If Ahgases had any worries about the members’ new record labels not letting GOT7 make music, you don’t have to worry about Jay Park. It might not be long before GOT7 becomes GOT8!

While fans wait to see whether GOT7 gets a new addition, make sure to check out the teaser for Jay B’s upcoming single “Switch It Up.”

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