Jay Park Reveals He Could’ve Died Of Depression If He Was Concerned About What Others Said

He explained how he got people to see him for who he was.

On July 24, GQ Korea revealed a photoshoot and interview of Jay Park in which he talks about how he overcame hardships in the past.

During the interview, Jay Park candidly talked about how he got to where he was from when he was little.

Honestly, I could’ve died if I was really depressed. But I was thinking I should try finding what to do in the future while making some money. If I were the type that was concerned about what others said, it would’ve been a very difficult time. I would’t have made it to where I am today either.

ㅡ Jay Park


He proceeded to explain that no one seemed to welcome him, no matter where he was and people had expectations for all types of people.

When I lived in America, I heard things like why is an Asian playing basketball, go study math. When I came to Korea, they called me a ‘Yankee’. Idols must be like this, rappers must be like that, Asians must do this. Who makes these things? Everyone’s different. I found out what kind of person I am. Even if everyone was suspcious of me or saw me with prejudice, I didn’t succumb to their standards and just did me. People who ignored me in the beginning are now seeing me as the person I thought myself to be.

ㅡ Jay Park


Jay Park also used his world tour, SEXY 4EVA WORLD TOUR, as an example to explain that being “sexy” was a matter confidence.

I imagine the image that I want. I believe I am a certain type of person and act that way. Then, others may not think so in the beginning, but eventually, they’ll see me in that way. So sexy is a matter of confidence.

ㅡ Jay Park


Jay Park’s full interview and photoshoot will be released in the August issue of GQ Korea and the official website.

Meanwhile, Jay Park will continue his SEXY 4EVA WORLD TOUR, which started in Seoul, in other parts of Asia, Europe and America.

Source: Newsen