Jay Park Reveals Which Body Part Hurts The Most When Getting Tattooed, From His Personal Experience

It almost made him regret the decision!

In an interview with GQ Korea, Jay Park – who has multiple tattoos which he wears proudly all over his body – shared his experiences in getting them done and what some of them mean to him.


Jay Park’s first tattoo ever was the one behind his right ear. His friend and another talented hiphop artist in the Korean entertainment industry, Dok2, first introduced him to a tattooist and got him hooked!

The first one I got is this one behind my ear. It says AOM, which is my b-boying crew’s name. It only took like 15 minutes to get done. Yeah, it didn’t take too long.

— Jay Park


Since then, Jay Park has collected several tattoos all over his body. At first, he stuck to black-and-grey tattoos only. But he started adding some color to the collection, after realizing it isn’t so bad. Now, Jay Park doesn’t mind the style of the tattoo as much, as long as it looks good.


Jay Park pointed out that the most painful one he had gotten was on the back of his head. While all tattoos hurt somewhat, according to Jay Park, the angel on his head was extra painful.

None of them hurt so bad to the point that I couldn’t finish or anything… until the angel on the back of my head. It was kind of the first. It hurt a lot and it was honestly the most painful one I’d gotten. I almost regretted getting it started… Once I got through that, everything else was too easy.

— Jay Park


As for the question to pick his favorite tattoo, Jay Park answered there isn’t a favorite because they’re all his favorites. He commented there isn’t a single tattoo on his body that he does not like, because he chose to put them on his body.

And I think it’s silly not to like your own tattoo. It’s on your body, it’s permanent. You have to live with it. So why waste your feelings on not liking something that’s already there?

— Jay Park


Fans love this interview, not only because they got to hear more about the background to Jay Park’s most iconic tattoos – but also because they actually got to learn more about the actual art of tattoos. His fans, especially the ones contemplating getting that first tattoo done, deeply appreciated Jay Park sharing his story!

Watch the whole interview here: