What Was Jay Park Worried About When GOT7’s Yugyeom And Jay B Joined His Companies?

Thankfully, his worries were short-lived!

GOT7‘s Jay B sat down with Jay Park, owner of Jay B’s label H1GHR MUSIC, and discussed Jay B joining the H1GHR MUSIC family and more.

Since the talented members of GOT7 split from their previous label JYP Entertainment in 2021, each member went on to sign with other companies. Despite being in different companies, the members assured Ahgase (GOT7’s fans) that they will continue as GOT7 and make more amazing music together. And they’ve kept that promise with new music in 2022.

After their departure from JYP Entertainment, both Yugyeom and Jay B signed with Jay Park’s companies with Yugyeom at AOMG and Jay B at H1GHR MUSIC. During the interview between Jay B and Jay Park, Jay Park expressed his initial worries about the two GOT7 members joining the company. Jay Park explained that while the two are talented artists, he was concerned about creating music with two artists who lived as idols for 7 years.

As well as Yugyeom and you, I was slightly worried. If we were to collaborate on music, would it synergize? And can we produce something great? So no matter how much you like this style of music and how long it’s been, your main job was being an idol for 7 years. So I thought would we be able to work together.

— Jay Park

Despite his concerns, Jay Park shared that he felt more confident after working together on Jay B’s first solo single “Switch It Up” that was produced by Cha Cha Malone.

When you and Cha Cha Malone and I started our first studio session, it was more fun than expected and the songwriting went well. The product also came out great and the vocals were very solid. The moment I asked for any tweaks or changes. You did it right away. That made it very enjoyable. Your openness and ability to quickly adapt. That impressed me so much.

— Jay Park

In response, Jay B commented that he learned a lot about working in the studio from his 7 years as an artist and applied it to his work at H1GHR MUSIC.

During my 7 years in the studio. I was very similar, I would ask to try something different while recording. When I had suggestions and requests to the composer, they would always be enthusiastic to give it a try. I need to develop these so I can do these things quickly. So the 7 years of hard work are well reflected in my music.

— Jay B

Jay Park conveyed that he really wants to do his best to be able to illuminate and showcase Jay B’s talent to the world.

My initial worries that I had turned into expectations after a few of our sessions. So I wanted to create a path to really highlight your talent. That’s what I decided portraying you as no longer the GOT7 Jay B but Jay B as your own individual. Our job is to bring out the best in you and showcase it. That’s what we did in our project and as a result, I’m gaining confidence in you because I see the progress we’re making.

— Jay Park

Jay Park ended his comments on an exciting note and shared that their journey together will be a great experience.

It’s going to be an enjoyable journey, and you seem to know your strengths and weaknesses. So, I can see a promising career ahead of you. I can see your growth and development leading to success.

— Jay Park

Jay B replied and thanked Jay Park for his complimenting words. Of course, Jay B shared he will continue to work hard.

Jay B ended up leaving H1GHR Music in July 2022 and signed with CDNZA Records shortly after.

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