The #Jenlisa Feels During BLACKPINK’s Sydney Concert Were All Too Real

If you feel personally attacked by Jennie and Lisa raise your hand.

BLACKPINK just wrapped up their In Your Area World Tour in Sydney, and BLINKs couldn’t help but notice that Jennie and Lisa were especially fond of each other at the concert.

During the send off, Lisa latched onto Jennie and held on for dear life. Rosé and Jisoo then joined in on the Jenlisa love train.

… and one more time at a closer angle to really accentuate the feels.

Jennie also blew a kiss at Lisa during “BOOMBAYAH”.

Lisa took the opportunity to spontaneously hug Jennie during “Stay”. The fact that they were dressed like angels upped the cuteness factor 1000%.

Last, but certainly not least, what would Jenlisa’s iconic duo verse in “Kill This Love” be without a little smack on the butt from Jennie to Lisa?