Jennie Gives a Shoutout to BLACKPINK’s Official Fan Club On Her Birthday

A few days after their fan club name was confirmed, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has used it to address their fans in a recent post. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie celebrated her 21st birthday on January 16th. In one of her updates, she posted a message of thanks to her fans through their official Instagram account. What caught most attention is her use of BLINK in the beginning of her message a few days after they confirmed their official fan club name.

BLINK my favourite people on this planet? i cant thank you guys enough for all the gifts and letters?? i am so blessed to have you guys? i am more than thankful for all the love i recieved today . i love you my blinks✨

BLACKPINK made the fan club name official through their Instagram account on few days back. It was first described as a nickname for their fans taken from their group name. “BL” from BLACK and “INK” from PINK.

It has only been five months since BLACKPINK’s debut and it seems like an official name for their supporters will be used more often following this confirmation!