Jennie and Irene Were Spotted Fighting Over The Bill After Tea Time in LA

The photos suggest who ended up paying.

Jennie and Irene were spotted in LA enjoying a meal together, and the photos have been circulating in various online communities.

In the revealed photos, Irene is seen taking photos of Jennie while sitting at a table across from each other. Jennie even uploaded some of the photos that are suspected to have been taken by Irene on her official Instagram account.

More photos were shared of the two stars insisting that they would pay for the meal.

In the first photo, Jennie and Irene are both grabbing for the bill in determination.

In the second photo, it appears that Jennie had already placed her bank card on top of the bill while taking it away, which insists she might have won this time. Her facial expression also suggests that Irene never had a chance, to begin with.

Jennie and Irene’s friendship has received the spotlight before at music events where they were seen hugging and making hearts with their hands.

It’s truly heartwarming to see that their friendship is strong enough that they make personal time for each other in foreign countries as well.

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