Jennie Reassures BLINKS Not To Worry About Her Health After Recent Health Scare In The Philippines

She’s going to get healthy for the next time she meets BLINKs.

Many BLINKs were very worried about Jennie‘s health after she hyperventilated and almost passed out on stage at the Shopee Event in the Philippines.

BLINKs Have Been Expressing Their Concern For Jennie’s Health After A Recent Event

BLINKs urged Jennie to rest and be healthy, but unfortunately, BLACKPINK had a concert in Macao the next night so she had no time to do that.

Jennie performed as planned, giving her performance her all despite obviously still not feeling well.

After the concert, instead of participating in the encore stage with the rest of the members, Jennie left early to rest. She left the messages below on her Instagram story.

Blinks, I’m so sorry about what happened earlier. I’m feeling much better now and I’ll make sure I take much better care of myself. Macao Blinks! Thank you all for coming out tonight. I’m sorry that I had to leave without saying goodbye and I promise the next time we see each other I’ll be well and healthy. Thank you Macao! I love you.

And thank you to my sweet sweet chulichaeng who made sure blinks don’t feel the empty spot🖤💕

– Jennie

When she said that her members filled the space for her, she wasn’t lying. Jisoo rapped Jennie’s rapid-fire tongue-twisting verse from “DDU-DU DDU-DU” flawlessly in Jennie’s absence – a memory that BLINKs in attendance are not going to forget any time soon.

We hope that Jennie gets the rest that she needs to return to BLINKs as happy and healthy as ever.