Jennie Was Shocked by This IZ*ONE Member’s Appearance

She used both hands to explain her observation to Jisoo.

On January 23, the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards took place in Jamsil, Seoul.

This awards ceremony was attended by BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, and more.

On this day, IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung and Kim Minju stood on the platform to present an award.

These two members drew the viewers’ attention with their captivating outfits and distinct charms.

Their mannequin-like figure stood out so much that even BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed an explosive response.

Jennie looked at Jisoo across from her and commented on how tall they Jang Wonyoung is. (Jang Wonyoung is 169 cm tall.)

Jennie explained with so much passion and even used both her hands, that fans viewed this reaction as very cute.

Watch Jennie’s explosive response below:

Source: Insight