Jeon So Min Confesses Running Man Saved Her From Her Dark Past

Running Man didn’t just change her life, it saved her.

Jeon So Min caught attention when she joined as the new member of Running Man which has been run by a strong, tight of cast members for at least 8 years.


In a recent interview, however, the actress revealed that she felt like there had been no dilemma between the acting and entertainment industries.


In fact, she considered Running Man as the program that gave her a break! She loved the idea that she can work hard on the program without any conflict with her image.


When asked why, she revealed quite a deeper appreciation for the program.

“I was in a dark period before appearing on Running Man. I worked hard on the program and was able to show a variety of images. It was a breakthrough in terms of limitations of images. There were not many people who trusted me and gave me something to do.” – Jeon So Min 


Her cheerful and quirky personality certainly did gain her a number of followers with her addition to cast helped the program achieve higher ratings for the past few months.