Jeon So Min’s Greatest Revenge Was On Her Ex-Boyfriend

She got the ultimate revenge.

Actress and Running Man cast member Jeon So Min revealed what her greatest vengeance is and it’s pretty bad a**!

In a recent Running Man episode, the cast members played the “Who’s most likely” game and one question asked, “A person who is likely to revenge their opponent if they get hurt?” Jeon So Min was picked as the person most likely to seek vengeance 

Jeon So Min revealed that her successful career is her best revenge! From starring in many Korean dramas and her thriving career in variety, Jeon So Min’s hard work clearly paid off. 

I think my greatest revenge is to work hard like I am now.

— Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min then clarified that her remark is directed at her ex-boyfriend as she looked at the camera and asked “Are you watching?” As a variety show queen and busy actress, you can catch Jeon So Min on every program!

I will come on your TV screen every time you turn it on. Are you watching? Every time you turn on your TV, I am going to make an appearance.

— Jeon So Min

Check out the video below:

Source: Newsen

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