Jeon So Min Reveals The Occupation She Thought About Pursuing In The Past

Jeon So Min has a unique reason why she wanted to pursue this career.

Jeon So Min is beloved by many due to her talents as an actress, as well as her humorous personality that is shown on Running Man.

However, Jeon So Min had another occupation she thought about pursuing before this.

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jeon So Min shared that she wanted to be a florist in the past.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube 

Jeon So Min always thought that people who worked in flower shops were beautiful, so this influenced her to try and become a florist in the past.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

However, she then got honest and shared that she’s not the greatest at growing plants. Due to this, Jeon So Min believes that if she were to open up a flower shop, it would fail.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!