Somi Reveals the Extreme Lengths She Took to Call Her Mom During “Produce 101”

Somi’s time in “Produce 101” wasn’t an easy one.

At the end of last month, Somi shared a story about the lengths she took to make a single phone call during her time on Mnet’s Produce 101.

When Lovelyz‘s Soojung asked Somi and Sohee how hard it was to film Produce 101, Sohee made the shocking remark that they all tried to escape.

Somi then shared her story of what she had to do to make a single phone call due to the phone ban on the show.

I escaped through the screen window. I had to give food to the students that came to the English village on a field trip and ask to borrow their phones.

– Somi

Somi expressed her sadness as she explained that although she made the call to her mom and was happy to hear her voice, the call was cut short because she heard people saying filming was about to begin.

She also brought up the fact that the contestants were banned from leaving and what she did to get herself a can of Cola.

Once you enter, you’re not allowed to leave. There was absolutely nothing else to eat except for the rice they gave us. So one time, I even gave money to a student that was passing by and asked them to buy me a can of Cola.

– Somi

Although Somi’s hardships ultimately paid off since she debuted with I.O.I after the show, this confession is receiving a lot of attention due to the recent controversies surrounding survival reality TV programs.

Source: Dispatch