Jeon Somi Reveals She Lost 22 Pounds For Her Solo Debut

She made serious efforts to prepare for her debut!

Jeon Somi recently confessed that she lost 10kg (22lbs) for her solo debut on an episode of Follow Somi.

Follow Somi is a reality program that follows the daily life of Jeon Somi and shows her true self.


Admitting that she has a huge appetite and finishing three bubble tea drinks on her own, she confessed that she was currently on a diet and that she had lost a lot of weight.


She used to weigh about 58-59kg and after diligent dieting, she now weighs 48-49kg, meaning she had lost 10kg (22 lbs)! She added that the main reason for her diet was to prepare for her solo debut.


Jeon Somi had, in fact, often shared photos and videos of herself doing pilates as exercise on her Instagram.


But fans were surprised to hear about Somi’s diet as her visuals were absolutely perfect even before her diet!


Check out more on Somi’s diet and daily life on Follow Somi below!

Source: Youtube