Jeon Somi Flaunted A $200,000 Yellow Lamborghini Urus… Here’s How She Got It

She was only 19!

Jeon Somi was seen driving a yellow Lamborghini Urus worth over $200,000 USD in the end of the first episode of her reality show I AM SOMI.

After being seen driving the Lamborghini, Jeon Somi generated a lot of attention both in Korea and overseas for her luxury car, and she even said “I upgraded to a yellow car!”, referring to the Lamborghini Urus.

It wasn’t just international netizens that were interested though, as five out of the top six articles on Naver for that day were related to Jeon Somi’s Lamborghini.

In the end though, Jeon Somi’s agency, THE BLACK LABEL, revealed the Lamborghini Urus is not actually her own personal car, but rented for the show!

The Lamborghini that was shown through the reality show is not owned by [Jeon Somi].

More detailed content related to the Lamborghini will be unveiled in the second episode of her reality show. Please look forward to it.


Even though the Lamborghini is not hers, she was already been able to accomplish so much prior to even turning 20. As she now 21, she has already paved her own path in the entertainment industry. Watch the first episode of her reality series I AM SOMI below, featuring her THE BLACK LABEL friends and Teddy.