Jeon Somi Just Cut Off Most Of Her Hair

Jeon Somi’s new hairstyle has completely changed her image!

I.O.I‘s Jeon Somi just uploaded photos of herself rocking her new hairstyle on her Instagram.

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In the past, Jeon Somi usually went for the longer hairstyles which made her look like a goddess.


But her new hairstyle has completely transformed her image into a more chic and sexy look.


Whereas she had a more innocent-looking and young image before…


Now, she looks like a more grownup woman.


Cute and lovely…


Verses chic and sexy.


Somi has attempted a wide variety of different hairstyles in the past as well from curly…


…to red wine…


…pink tips…


….and see-through bangs.


But none of them were as bold as her most recent!


Nonetheless, what’s for sure is that whatever hairstyle she has, her looks are always as beautiful as ever!


Which one is your favorite?