Jeon Somi Makes It Clear That There Is No Ill Feelings Between Her And JYP Entertainment

She revealed the reason as to why she left her former agency.

Somi recently debuted with her debut single “BIRTHDAY” on June 13, 2019. She also recently held her debut showcase.

There, Somi explained that there are no ill feelings between her and her former label, JYP Entertainment. Some people suspected that Somi was kicked out of JYP Entertainment for breaking company rules, but the soloist has now revealed that she willingly chose to leave the company due to musical differences. She has also emphasized that she will continue to support her friends and fellow artists from the company.

When she met with Teddy, a producer under YG Entertainment and its subsidiary THE BLACK LABEL, she said that she was impressed with the music he made and that he had made music while keeping her in mind. She was so moved by this, she decided to switch labels.

Somi’s solo single shows of the fresh charm of a former girl group idol being reborn as a soloist. The track will show Somi skills as a complete artist who sings, dancer, and raps.

The track will be released on various music sites on June 13th on 6PM KST.

Source: Daum