Netizens Think Somi Just Threw Shade At JYP Entertainment

Others aren’t convinced.

All eyes have been on Somi ever since it was announced that her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment was terminated back in August.


Even though Somi’s father, actor Matthew Douma, has said that both sides have always maintained a good relationship…

Somi’s Father Speaks Up About JYP Entertainment And Her Relationship


Since no one knows the exact reason Somi left the company, there are some people who think she left on bad terms and a few netizens think they’ve just found some proof.


Somi recently uploaded a few pictures of herself sporting a beanie to Instagram, but it isn’t the photos that are causing a stir.


In the comment section under the pictures, Somi liked one user’s comment about her style in reference to the entertainment company.


Since people first saw the tweet, they’ve been wondering if she simply liked it because it was a comment about her look or if Somi was actually throwing some shade.


And it’s started a huge debate online. There have been many people who are convinced that she liked it only to shade JYP Entertainment.


Some have even gone so far as to say this isn’t the first time she’s thrown shade at the company or their artists.


But many others think no shade was being thrown and that Somi just liked it because they made a comment about her outfit.


Meanwhile, many people are sticking up for her by pointing out that maybe the situation is being read into too much.


And many others are shocked by all the hate Somi’s gotten for liking the comment.


So even though she’s been getting quite a bit of hate, the majority of netizens believe in her and are in agreement that Somi wasn’t throwing any shade at all.