Why Jeon Somi Is A True Style Star

Somi is finally being recognized for her fashion prowess.

Since her rise to the spotlight on Produce 101, singer Jeon Somi‘s career has only been on the up-and-up. The former I.O.I member made her solo debut in 2019 after leaving JYP Entertainment to sign with The Black Label. Her music, though, isn’t all she’s known for.

Somi for Vogue in 2020

Over the years, Somi has become something of a style icon. Earlier this year, she was included in Vogue‘s list of “12 Style Stars Set to Make 2022 Exciting.” She was the only K-Pop star to make the list!

Somi in Louis Vuitton | somsomi0309/Instagram

It’s no surprise Somi made it into this exclusive list. Just one look at her Instagram is enough to show you how consistently she rocks her outfits.

A frequent feature in her wardrobe is Louis Vuitton, so you know her tastes aren’t cheap. Of course, she still manages to look stunning in just a hoodie.


It goes without saying that the looks Somi serves up in her music videos are stellar. In the music video for her latest title track “XOXO,” she dons a number of iconic ensembles, including the legendary heart-shaped crop top that featured in the album’s promotional images.

Official promotional image for “XOXO” | somsomi0309/Instagram

From sharp and formal to soft and casual, Somi effortlessly makes anything look flawless, and has featured in issues of magazines like ELLE  and W Korea.


Congratulations to Somi on the recognition from Vogue! Fans will be sure to keep their eyes peeled for even more earth-shattering looks this year.

Source: Vogue and @somsomi0309