Jeon Somi Spotted Wearing a School Uniform for Her High School Graduation Photos

Jeon Somi is graduating from Hanlim Multi Art School.

Hanlim Multi Art School recently updated their official Facebook account with new photos, one of which was a selfie of Jeon Somi, who is expected to debut by the end of the month.

According to the caption that accompanied her photo, Jeon Somi just took her high school graduation photos as a student of Hanlim Multi Art School.

As expected from the beautiful star, Jeon Somi looked absolutely gorgeous while wearing her high school uniform.

Following this update, additional photos of Jeon Somi surfaced on social media, taken by friends and family who were at the scene.

In the shared photos and footage, Jeon Somi appears to have had a fun time socializing with friends and joking around like an ordinary high school student.

Seeing her full of energy and looking more beautiful than ever is only raising the anticipation among fans ahead of her upcoming debut with YG‘s The Black Label.

Source: Insight and gihoon_19