Jeon Somi Literally Looks Blinding in Candid Shots Taken at a Recent Event

She’s expected to debut by the end of May.

Jeon Somi recently attended a snack event at Duksung Women’s University where she handed out burgers and hosted the event ahead of her long-anticipated debut.

What stood out the most at the event was Jeon Somi’s visuals and how brightly she shined.

While wearing a bright yellow dress that looked perfect for spring, Jeon Somi showed off her innocent charms.

As the star of the event, Jeon Somi smiled brightly and chatted with the countless students who attended the event.

From the looks of it, Jeon Somi’s stunning visuals have reached new heights ahead of her debut with YG‘s The Black Label.

Jeon Somi has certainly shown off her gorgeous features in previous photos for fashion brand photoshoots, but these candid shots are seriously blinding, in a good way.

Jeon Somi is expected to debut as a solo artist by the end of May.


Source: Insight