Jeong Hyeong Don Heavily Criticized for Joking About K.Will’s “Death” on the Same Day of His Car Accident

Jeong Hyeong Don clarified that he wasn’t aware of K.Will’s car accident at the time.

Jeong Hyeong Don recently apologized for a joke that crossed the line on MBC’s My Little Television.

On a recent episode of the variety show, Jeong Hyeong Don drew a black line on K.Will‘s photo which reminded many viewers of a Korean funeral portrait.

Coincidentally, K.Will was involved in a car accident the same day, which only heightened the controversy surrounding the joke.

Regarding this incident, Jeong Hyeong Don stated, “I’m reflecting upon my inappropriate actions that resulted from trying to be funny. I also apologized to K.Will in person.

He added, “We were broadcasting live, so I wasn’t aware of K.Will’s car accident. I am deeply sorry. I will do my best to act more responsibly in the future.

Luckily, K.Will’s car accident was minor, and it has been reported that no major injuries were sustained.

Source: Insight