Jeong Sewoon Spotted Giving Fans His Comfy Chair at a Recent Fan Signing

He decided to sit on the hard metal chair instead.

Singer Jeong Sewoon recently held his fan signing in Seoul where he flaunted his handsome visuals in a knitted vest and trench coat.

But what drew more attention than his dashing good looks was the grand gesture he made for his beloved fans.

Online communities have been sharing a photo of what the table and chairs looked like before Jeong Sewoon arrived.


On both sides of the table was a comfy chair for Jeong Sewoon and a plain metal chair for the fans.

But as soon as Jeong Sewoon got to the scene, he was spotted switching the two chairs so that the fans could sit in the more comfortable chair.

Many fans are perceiving this gesture to be a sign of just how much he cherishes his fans as they are leaving comments such as “Jeong Sewoon is different from the rest“, “I’m actually in love“, and “He has such a kind heart“.

Source: Insight