Jeongyeon Reveals That I.O.I’s “Very Very Very” Was Originally Made For TWICE

Imagine TWICE singing “Very Very Very”!

Do you like I.O.I‘s “Very Very Very”? What if we told you it was originally made for TWICE?

During Jeongyeon‘s birthday broadcast, she reveals that the 2016 I.O.I hit was originally made for TWICE! The track was written by Park Jin Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment. According to Jeongyeon, the members already learned the song and parts were already assigned.

She also sheepishly admitted that the song was a tad too cute for her taste! Still, she sang a bit of the song and revealed that the addictive “neomu, neomu, neomu” part was originally her line!

In the end, the song was given to I.O.I. Jeongyeon said it was fate because after they learned they would not be singing the song, they were given their hit track “TT”!

“TT” is such a good song, and so is “Very Very Very”. But TT received so much love. I think every song has its own respective owner.


Source: Vlive