Why Jessi Almost Regretted Joining Jay Park’s Record Label

She was as honest as can be.

Jessi sat down for an interview with Jay Park who, besides being her friend, is also the CEO of her new company MORE VISION.

She officially joined his agency in April 2023 after a brief stint as a freelancer following her departure from her previous company, P Nation, in July 2022.

In the one-on-one interview, Jessi opened up about feeling uncertain about her decision to join MORE VISION.

I was very worried in a sense because I wasn’t sure. You know because for me, when I worked as a freelancer, many people around me left me or I got fucked over.

— Jessi

In 2022, Jessi embarked on a solo world tour that she organized without a company backing her up. She fell victim to severe unprofessionalism which included being left stranded after her Europe tour organizer failed to find her lodging and assuage her concerns.

This and other private problems convinced Jessi that she needed to be careful with whom she trusts.

I realized that I can trust nobody. At that point I thought I had all my people, but that wasn’t it.

— Jessi

Losing her autonomy as a freelancer was another major concern.

During the Rolling Loud [festival], I was a bit skeptical about the announcement [of me joining MORE VISION] because we didn’t meet up a lot at the time. Because I’m just like ‘What if I don’t want to go there? What if I want to do it on my own? What if I don’t even want to go anywhere?’

Her main concern, however, main concern was that she was scared to trust anyone, not just MORE VISION.

I was a little skeptical at first, because you know I was like, ‘Oh my god, everyone’s going to fuck me over.’

— Jessi

Jessi almost regretted joining the company. She was also worried that Jay Park would be a bad boss despite being a good friend.

Or like ‘I don’t know MORE VISION that well. I know Jay as a friend, not as like a partner somebody who I work with.’

— Jessi

She was unsure about signing with them until she got back on stage in April of this year under their leadership. After this, she felt as if everything fell into place naturally.

But after going on the stage I felt like it was a good decision.

— Jessi

Check out the full video below to learn more about Jessi.

Source: YouTube