Jessi Didn’t Plan To Discuss Her Breast Augmentation, But A Producer Convinced Her Otherwise

She explains how the first time she talked about it was unplanned.

Veteran soloist Jessi was the most recent guest on The K-Star Next Door, hosted by MC and actor Jonathan Thona.

Together, they tackled subjects K-Pop idols often shy away from, and Jessi proved why fans have loved her open and honest personality for nearly two decades.

Jonathan Thona (left) and Jessi (right) | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

During the episode, Jessi opened up about “controversial” topics and admitted that she remains outspoken about certain subjects because she finds it “funny” to be dishonest when confronted with the truth.

From being honest about her plastic surgery and her past smoking cigarettes, which she has since quit cold turkey, she finds it easier to “say it straight up.

She opened up about the first time she revealed she had a breast augmentation on the Korean television program, Happy Together.

She admitted that she hadn’t planned to reveal it and that it had just “come out” because she was worked up.

Jessi shared that she asked the producer to edit that part out of the show, and instead of agreeing, they persuaded her to keep it in for a thoughtful reason.

The producer “really loved” that she opened up about it because they felt it opened the door for more women to talk about plastic surgery should they choose.

Jessi clarified that she wasn’t encouraging people to discuss it if they didn’t want to, but instead hoped they could be more confident about the topic. She hilariously added, “You paid for it; what’s wrong with that?

During the episode, Jessi also opened up about her career and revealed that one of her hit songs surprisingly doesn’t make her any money.

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