A Total Flex: The Grand Purchase Jessi Made For Her Parents After Hitting It Big

She bought what?!

Jessi recently sat down for an interview with 1theK Originals. Here, she opened up about her relationship with her parents as well as their basic information. She was surprised to see that online websites knew about their job as travel agents.

Currently, Jessie’s parents live in fort Lee, New Jersey and they run a travel agency.

— 1theK Originals

She corrected certain parts of the profile, saying that her parents now work remotely. The soloist was proud to say that they currently work from home because she “makes money now” and can support their lifestyle.

Not anymore. My family used to do it at Fort Lee but now they do it at home. Because their daughter makes money now.

— Jessi

Another “fact check” that Jessi tackled was the grand purchase she made for her mom and dad. Speaking of herself in the third person viewpoint, she revealed that she even bought them a house.

She bought her mom and dad a house.

— Jessi

Though she has a tough exterior, she’s actually a sweetheart in real life who is very much a filial daughter. After making her name known as a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar (2015) and as the singer behind hit songs such as “NUNU NANA” and “ZOOM,” she used her hard earned money to buy her parents a large house.

I’m so happy. I wanted to save money and buy a house for my mom and dad so bad rather than for myself. Because I don’t see my mom and dad often, I want to give happiness to [them] so I bought a house for them.

— Jessi

Jessi confirmed that it serves not only as their home but as their company base as well.

They started their company there.

— Jessi

Even more astoundingly, the house that she bought was big enough to be considered a mansion!

It has seven rooms.

— Jessi

Check out the full video below to learn more about Jessi.

Source: YouTube