Jessi Nearly Cried When Weki Meki’s Yoojung Did This

Yoojung just proved that even Jessi gets choked up sometimes.

As part of their promotional activities for their latest comeback “Siesta,” Weki Meki members Doyeon and Yoojung appeared as guests on Showterview with Jessi in early December.

Yoojung (left) and Doyeon (right) during Siesta promotions | @mireum_0/Twitter

Jessi has known the pair since they were active in I.O.I, so it was a fun reunion all around.

Jessi reuniting with Doyeon and Yoojung | Mobidic/YouTube

As soon as they enter the studio, Jessi is already raving about how cute Yoojung is. Honestly, we can’t say we disagree!

| Mobidic/YouTube

With the entrance of fellow MC Cho Jung Sik (also known as Jo Jung Sik), they begin to speak about the girls’ myriad talents. One talent they focus on in particular is Yoojung’s amazing dancing. Even Jessi acknowledges how great her skills are.

| Mobidic/YouTube

After such praises, Yoojung announces that she’s prepared a dance. The song? None other than Jessi’s “Cold Blooded”!

| Mobidic/YouTube

Jessi is shocked, and Cho Jung Sik states that she’s going to be moved if Yoojung actually does it, which Jessi wholeheartedly seconds.

| Mobidic/YouTube
| Mobidic/YouTube

No tears end up actually being shed, but Jessi certainly loved the performance Yoojung did of her song! You can watch the full episode here:

Source: @mireum_0 and Mobidic

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