Jessi’s Praise For BLACKPINK Lisa’s Dancing Will Make You Agree 100%

We love queens supporting queens.

Well-known for her unfiltered honesty on Unpretty Rapstar and her distinct rap style, Jessi never fails to keep it real.

When fans asked her about BLACKPINK‘s Lisa during an Instagram live, she gave everyone the same courtesy and laid out just what she’d thought of her.

Jessi admitted that she hadn’t seen Lisa lately, or any other celebrities for that matter. That didn’t stop her from remembering such a memorable idol, “I don’t really get to see her, but I don’t really see much people. But…

At the thought of Lisa, there was one sentiment that Jessi couldn’t help but agree with fans on. Lisa’s dancing skills were on another level. To Jessi, she wasn’t merely one of the greatest dancers. She was the greatest, “I think she’s one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen.

To explain how highly she thought of Lisa’s skills, she emphasized how her talented spanned across all the different forms of dance there were. “There’s so much different types of dancing. Everyone has their own preferences. But, the way she dances, though? God d*mn, she’s a f*cking good dancer, yo.

As usual, Jessi didn’t tell any lies. Whether you’re not a BLINK or a K-Pop fan at all, everyone has to acknowledge how skilled Lisa is as a dancer.

Listen to Jessi give the most colorful and enthusiastic praise for Lisa’s skills that’ll have you nodding in agreement.