Jessi Praises Soyeon’s Skills And Gives Her Great Advice As A Fellow Female Rapper

“One thing I’d like to tell female rappers is…”

In light of her solo comeback with “BEAM BEAM,” (G)I-DLE‘s leader Soyeon guested on Jessi‘s Showterview With Jessi!

Many fans were excited about Soyeon guesting on the show as Jessi and Soyeon are both queens of rap! As a talented rapper, Soyeon was, of course, asked to show off some of her rapping skills. Soyeon gave off a shy reaction and shared, “There’s a lot of pressure” since she had to rap in front of fellow rapper Jessi.

Before her rap, Jessi comforted Soyeon and commented, “Just be confident! Then you’ll look good.” With Jessi’s advice in mind, Soyeon confidently slayed her rap from (G)I-DLE’s “Dollar.” Toward the end of her rap, Soyeon made eye contact with Jessi and made the cutest reaction.

Jessi shared that while she did have a few comments for Soyeon, it was “Nothing harsh or ill. Just a little advice as an unnie!

Jessi first started off by giving Soyeon some sweet compliments and then shared her advice with her.

I think, Soyeon is so pretty. She’s good at rapping and singing as well. You know these days, you gotta be all-around player and Soyeon definitely has got the talent! But just one thing I’d like to tell female rappers is—I mean, you don’t need to act so strong. You know, she’s actually very soft and gentle.

— Jessi

Soyeon replied that she completely understands what Jessi was telling her. With that said, Jessi continued and expressed that Soyeon’s personal color alone is enough to make her rapping powerful.

You already have your own energy and power that comes out naturally, so you don’t need to forcibly act so strong.

— Jessi

Soyeon expressed her appreciation for Jessi and stated, “No one has ever talked to me like you.” Soyeon explained that since she was in many competition survival programs, she always felt she had to stand out and sound strong. Unlike those times, Soyeon explained she learned to freely express herself in her new solo album.

In this album, I worked on it in a more lighthearted manner thinking, ‘I’ll just show them who I really am.’

— Soyeon

Jessi reassured Soyeon that she has an eye-catching presence and also shared that Soyeon always captures her attention the most during (G)I-DLE’s performances.

When I look at their performance, Soyeon usually catches my eyes the most! She’s very unique. That’s just my own taste! I just can’t help but naturally keep looking at her!

— Jessi

Check out the video below: