How Jessi Was The Reason ITZY’s Yeji Got Into JYP Entertainment

Jessi had no idea.

Since debuting in 2019, ITZY has taken over K-Pop with their killer talent, stunning visuals, and charming charisma. After releasing their track “DALLA DALLA,” they quickly gained love worldwide and were even called “Monster Rookies” because of their success and talent. Yet, it was a long journey for the members to get to where they are now!

Members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Instagram

The members of ITZY were guests on Jessi‘s Showterview With Jessi, and like all the episodes, it was full of fun and chaos with all the idols letting their hair down and enjoying themselves.

As Jessi was getting to know the members more during the episode, one of the directors pointed out that Yeji’s career at JYP was linked to Jessi! Although Jessi seemed shocked, Yeji added, “I danced to your song when getting an audition for JYP.”

Yeji explained that during her audition, she had danced to Jessi’s 2015 song “SSENNUNI.” Although she didn’t pass the next audition, it was the thing that helped her make the first step.

As expected, Jessi couldn’t have Yeji there without seeing the dance that had helped gain her a spot at JYP Entertainment. Yet, even though Yeji seemed worried that she wouldn’t remember it, her body seemed to remember everything when the music started.

Although Yeji pointed out that her dance teacher had changed some of the choreography, Jessi still couldn’t hide her excitement and pride.

If that wasn’t enough, Yeji made fans soft after explaining that it was all because of Jessi that she passed the audition.

Anyway, the point is I won with your song. It’s your song that helped me join JYP. I’m so honored to see you in this building.

— Yeji

Jessi always manages to bring out sides to idols that fans normally don’t see. It was nice to see both idols be so shy that it was because of Jessi that Yeji managed to make it into JYP! You can watch the whole video below.