Jessi Reveals Why She Can’t Commit To Filming A MV With PSY

“I ain’t gonna be in your video, man.” – Jessi

As a senior artist who’s made a name for himself and brought worldwide attention to K-Pop, PSY created a label of his own to house other talented artists: P NATION. Among the handful of artists that are signed to the label, Jessi was the first to join.

During her sit-down with Eric Nam for his podcast K-Pop Daebak, she revealed just how dedicated PSY is to his music and why filming a music video with him is more work than she’s ready to commit to.

| 42psy42/Instagram

When it comes to filming a music video, artists typically have a specific window in which they have to complete it. Jessi emphasized that it typically took twenty-four hours for most, “You know how when we shoot videos, we’ll shoot a video for like a day. Right? Max.” That wasn’t the case at all for PSY.

PSY spent over four times as many days to film, “His music videos are like a week.” It was such a long stretch of time that Jessi admitted she wouldn’t be able to handle it, “And I was like, ‘I ain’t gonna be in your video, man.’

Since PSY spent so much time filming for himself, those featured in it would spend a big chunk of time as well. “I heard even like the people that are in his video, it’s like three days.” That was more than too much time for Jessi, “I ain’t gonna be in your video, man. That’s not gonna happen. No. One day is too long for me too.

While PSY’s music videos always look so high-quality and fun, he and those working with him are putting in so much effort to make it appear so. The long filming process is just too long for Jessi to take part in. Watch her reveal the tiring but effective secret behind PSY’s epic music videos here.