Jessi Reveals Which TXT Member She Thinks Is The Most Handsome, And He Definitely Managed To Charm Her

Beomgyu had the best reaction to her pick!

When it comes to random friendships in K-Pop, one well-loved one is the blossoming bond formed between soloist Jessi and TXT‘s Soobin. Since he interviewed her as MC on Music Bank, fans have loved seeing them interact with each other, and Soobin even explained how comfortable Jessi made him feel.

After months of cute interactions, fans were over the moon when Jessi announced that the whole group would be appearing on Showterview With Jessi.

TXT with Jessi | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

As expected, the episode was full of fun, chaos, and, as the members pointed out, one of the funniest interviews they’d had since debuting. The members quizzed Jessi, played some games, and showcased their personalities and charms!

Jessi had the members introduce themselves to start the show, and it was clear that she was as charmed by the members as MOAs are! As expected, she couldn’t hide her fangirling when speaking to her bestie Soobin and praising Yeonjun‘s English skills.

Yet, when it got to Taehyun, Jessi seemed to have quickly found a soft spot for him. When he introduced himself and told her to call him Terry, Jessi couldn’t help but go red and blush!

As soon as he’d finished, Jessi couldn’t stop gushing, saying, “He must be in charge of visuals (good looks).” Yet, of course, like all MOAs, she explained that it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

I mean, all of you are so good-looking! But he must be in charge of it, am I right?

— Jessi

After Taehyun adorably explained that he would try to live up to that title, Beomgyu had the funniest reaction to hearing Jessi’s choice of visual. When Jessi said this, he replied, “That just hurt the pride of four of us!

Yet, Jessi wasn’t fazed by Beomgyu’s comment and admitted the reason why she pointed Taehyun out as the visual!

Don’t get me wrong, you know, as a human, it’s just a matter of preference. They are all so handsome.

— Jessi

Although Jessi managed to pick the member she thought was the visual in the group, it is safe to say that she is also right when she explains that all of the members are extremely handsome. It is also clear that all of the members managed to charm the socks off Jessi, and the show was full of adorable interactions!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mobidic
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