Jessica Accidentally Reveals Her Dating History While Playing A Drinking Game With Her Friends

Jessica’s learned her lesson the hard way: don’t play secret-revealing games with friends on camera.

To celebrate her trip to New York with her closest friends, Jessica Jung recorded a video of them playing a popular drinking game on YouTube.

Jessica and her friends have been close for over 20 years now, so you know how much history there is between them already.

Jessica got the idea from Kylie Jenner who uploaded a video with a similar theme to YouTube.

You and your friends are gathered together. You take turns saying “Never have I ever…” and when your friends have already done what you said, they need to take a drink.

For example, if your friend says “Never have I ever sang while I drunk!”, and you’ve done this already, then you need to drink. In their drinking game, it has a twist, too — they’re drinking green tea with honey (and perhaps alcohol?).

Jessica confidently said she’ll destroy her friends before starting the game.

First one is “Never have I ever been a twin” and both of her friends drank from their cups.

In retaliation, her friend says “Never have I ever made my 6th grade teacher cry” and Jessica guiltily drinks from her cup in response.

She even gave a shout-out to her former teacher.

To fire her friends up, Jessica tells them to make it more interesting since the video is “lame”.

This is when her friend finally drops this bombshell: “Never have I ever dated a K-Pop star”.

You can see Jessica freeze for a bit…

…and take a sip from her cup while saying:

We were just friends, why?

Her friends asked her if she knew what “date” means”and Jessica sheepishly asked her friends if she should do a one-shot instead, considering that those guys she dated were all “friends”.

What’s the lesson that Jessica learned that day? Don’t play secret-revealing games with your close friends on camera. You may end up getting the short end of the stick.

For you to know more of Jessica’s secrets, watch the full video below: