Jessica Jung Proves She Is A True BLACKPINK Fan, And BLINKs Can’t Get Enough

We can’t blame her!

When it comes to K-Pop groups, there is no denying that BLACKPINK is one of the trailblazers in the industry. They have gained success worldwide with their talent, visuals, and charming personality, which fans can’t help but fall in love with. Yet, it seems as if netizens aren’t the only ones charmed by the girl group.

The BLACKPINK members | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

One idol, in particular, that is not afraid of showing her love for the group is former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung. The idol recently released a video on her YouTube channel where she answered fan questions on everything from her career, food choices, and much more.

Jessica Jung | @jessica.syj/ Instagram

During the video, one of the questions fans asked was which girl group she liked the most. As a former member of Girls’ Generation, she is one of the perfect people to pick her favorite artists.

Fans couldn’t hide their excitement when Jessica stated that her favorite girl group is BLACKPINK. Yet, it wasn’t just the answer that made fans think she was a BLINK. It was the speed that she answered. As soon as she read the question, she gave fans her answer almost without any thought and instinctively.

It isn’t the first time that fans have noticed the inner BLINK in Jessica. In particular, her friendship with Jennie is one of the best friendships in K-Pop. When she was celebrating her 32nd birthday, fans noticed a special guest in her vlog, and it was Jennie. 

It seems as if Jessica isn’t the only idol who has been sharing her love of BLACKPINK recently. Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon also revealed that she was a fan of the group and singled out member Lisa for her amazing dancing skills.

There is no denying that BLACKPINK has made an impact in K-Pop and continues to be loved by fans and idols alike. Fans couldn’t hide their excitement seeing Jessica mention the group!

With their insane talent, stunning visuals, and charming personalities, it is no surprise that Jessica picked them as her favorite group. You can watch her whole video below.

Source: Jessica Jung