Jessica Jung May Look Frail But She Just Ripped The Metal Handlebars Off A Store Door

All with her bare hands!

Jessica Jung has always donned a thin physique. She looks to weigh so small that anyone would be able to pick her up easily. But don’t let her looks fool you! She’s got power that no one could ever suspect!

During her latest Vlog in Switzerland, Jessica stopped by a clothing store on her way to a photoshoot. She asked her manager, “Can I go shopping just for a while?

Her manager said no, but no one can stop a queen! Jessica decided to head in!

But as soon as she grabbed the metal door handle, it came right off!

Jessica was stunned by her own power as she stared helplessly at the store employee while holding onto the thick, heavy door handle!

The store employee looks a bit surprised by Jessica, but claimed, “It’s okay… it already happened before.

Don’t judge a book by its cover cause this Queen has power!

Watch the full moment below:

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