Jessica Jung Gives Irene Kim And Her Sister Krystal Amazing Dating Advice

“Jessica is the expert.”

In Jessica Jung‘s latest YouTube vlog, Jessica, Irene Kim, her sister, Krystal of f(x), and Krystal’s best friend Yungeun Yang sat down over a lovely meal and answered various questions from fans!

Several of the questions asked about things in relation to dating and even marriage! One of the questions asked, “What’s Krystal’s ideal type?” Without taking much time to think, Krystal immediately answered, “Brad Pitt, Tom Hardy.” Krystal explained that she “Just likes someone manly.

Unlike Krystal, Irene shared she liked more of the nerdy type, as in someone who is intelligent and passionate about their job.

Although she was certain of her ideal type, Krystal wasn’t able to share any good dating tips. She instead revealed that her sister is definitely better at giving advice in dating: “Jessica is THE expert.”

Irene and Krystal mentioned how they work really hard in a relationship. The two agreed that if you put your best effort into a relationship, then you won’t regret anything later. In contrast, Jessica advised that you shouldn’t be too generous.

I understand that too. But you need to draw the line at some point. If you look at it from the guy’s perspective, you’re too nice and do everything for him.

— Jessica Jung

Furthermore, Jessica continued to give great advice towards dating and knowing when you should “Draw the line.

You both deserve to be loved and cared for, but you’re way too understanding. Everything’s fine with you when you’re blinded by love. Does it make sense? That’s when I say, ‘Wake up, girl!’

— Jessica Jung

From her passion, it seems that Jessica knows what she’s talking about!

Check out Jessica’s vlog below: