Jessica Jung Shares Why She Probably Won’t Use Clubhouse

“I don’t really like talking, though.”

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica revealed that she has a Clubhouse account, but isn’t exactly sure about how to use it.

In a video entitled “In the Glam Room” on her Jessica Jung YouTube channel, the singer took viewers behind the scenes of Blanc & Eclare’s SS21 campaign shoot.

As her stylists did her hair and makeup, Jessica discussed various topics with them, including her diet, and resultant weight loss, as well as her approach to creating TikTok videos.

When asked about the social media app Clubhouse, Jessica remarked that although she has an account, she doesn’t know what to do.

After being told about how the conversation rooms work, she wondered whether she should talk about rye bread, a staple in her current diet. It seems unlikely, however, as she shared how she loses interest easily.

I don’t really enjoy talking, but I also don’t enjoy listening to others talk.

– Jessica

Luckily, fans can keep up with Jessica’s activities through her YouTube channel. Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube

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