Jessica Jung Once Hilariously Revealed Her Genius Trick To “Steal” Money From Krystal

When they were little, Jessica would use this trick all the time to make bank from Krystal!

Jessica Jung once hilariously shared how she managed to swindle money from a 3-year-old Krystal back in the day!

Krystal (left), Jessica (right) | @jessica.syj/Instagram

Back in 2020, Jessica uploaded a vlog of her on Youtube, vacationing in the Bahamas with her sister, Krystal!

As the two ate breakfast together, the sisters began reminiscing about their childhood together, and Jessica brought up how she would “steal” money from Krystal when they were kids!

When we were young, you were happy even when I took money from you!


Jessica then explains to the camera what exactly went down in that situation! She shares how, when they were younger, Jessica would convince Krystal to hand over the green-colored 10,000 KRW bills (approx. 10 USD)  in exchange for the pink-colored 1000 KRW bill (approx. 1 USD), stating that the pink-colored bills were “prettier”!

When we were young…a 10,000 won bill was green, and a 1 million won bill was pink. So I would say to Soojung [Krystal’s Korean name], ‘Don’t you think pink is so much prettier?’

When I was 8, you were only 3!


Krystal then interjected, and ended up admitting that she had been robbed badly by Jessica, multiple times! Referencing the time she told her that she wants an appearance fee for appearing on Jessica’s Youtube channel, Krystal told her that she can just think of it as paying her back for all the money she took from her!

When you were 17, I was 12. I got robbed by you pretty bad back then. Think of it as you paying me back for everything you took from me!


With an incredulous look, Jessica couldn’t help but exclaim over how she was making a fuss over such a tiny amount!

Hey, it was only like 10 dollars! You’re hilarious.


They’re the cutest sister-duo around!

| @jessica.syj/Instagram

Watch the whole thing here!