Jessica Jung Reveals Her Germ-Free Tips For Protection Against COVID-19

Everyone can use these tips in their daily lives.

As a result of the many people who have become infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the majority of individuals are taking precautions to protect themselves from contracting it.

From her newest upload to her YouTube channel, Jessica Jung has been one of those people and shared her methods for being as cautious as possible.

In a video dedicated to revealing what she carries in her bag, she admitted that it worried her to a noticeable extent: “With the coronavirus going around… These days and all my travels… I definitely developed some phobia.”

From the number of cases and unfortunate deaths caused by the virus, Jessica’s worries are not only justified but relatable. To keep them at bay and keep herself safe, she pointed out the disinfectants she’s been often using.

The first item was what everyone’s been carrying around lately: hand sanitizer. It wasn’t just an average one, though. Since keeping your hands clean can dry them out, Jessica uses the one named “Advanced Hand Sanitizer” that keeps hands soft.

Between all the traveling she does and not always having access to the bathroom for full hand-washing, “This really comes in handy, and it’s also moisturizing.”

The next item that was super useful was portable disinfectant spray. Jessica especially loved it for plane trips. Making sure she’s wearing a mask to protect herself from the fumes, she sprays it on anything that needs it, “My seat and everywhere.” That’s only half of the process.

The spray doesn’t clean the surrounding area and surfaces enough for Jessica’s liking. She takes an extra step to make sure everything is safe: disinfecting wipes.

I use these disinfecting wipes to clean all surfaces around me. The TV screen, the chair recliner buttons, the table, the remote control… Everything.

The final item was another common item everybody’s been trying to get their hands on: a mask. Jessica didn’t need to explain the importance of it. She simply stated, “This is crucial these days.”

While a few of Jessica’s tips were centered around traveling, they could still be used for daily life and trips outside of the house. There’s no harm in disinfecting and sanitizing anything that you think would need cleaning. Watch Jessica spill her methods for staying safe here.