Jessica Jung Shed Tears Once She Realized She Can’t Be Drinking Buddies With Her Sister, f(x)’s Krystal

Wine night changed directions when Jessica opened a Q&A.

On May 12, Jessica Jung posted a video on her YouTube channel with the title, “Girls Wine Night Out,” where she had some fun with model Irene, her sister Krystal, and her sister’s friend Yang-gang.

During their casual party, Jessica requested that fans on her social media ask them anything they wanted to know. Within only a few minutes, she had many questions fill her phone.

| Jessica Jung/YouTube

One fan, in particular, asked, “Tell me something that you don’t like about your sister Krystal,” which Krystal chose for Jessica to answer. Jessica first joked that there were many things, so she didn’t know where to start.

I don’t like the fact that Krystal can’t be my drinking buddy.


| Jessica Jung/YouTube

Krystal then got flustered when she saw Jessica start crying. Jessica explained her tears by saying, “I realized we can’t be drinking buddies.” She further explained that drinking together creates a deeper bond. Krystal then decided to share her opinion on the matter.

My point is this, why do you need to drink to be friends? It’s not that I don’t drink either. When I’m with my staff for dinner or when I meet other people and they drink, I drink too. But for a family dinner, if I drank the day before, I prefer not to. But when I say I’m not drinking, she [Jessica] gets annoyed at me. Of course, I get the point and I try to at least have a glass but she doesn’t understand that I’m trying. That made me a bit sad.


| Jessica Jung/YouTube

However, Jessica confessed that she felt that she is the least priority to her sister. She said that Krystal would always get tipsy with other people but doesn’t with her. She continued to state that she would reject her every time she would offer to drink with Krystal. Since then, she’s never asked her to drink with her again.

The two then decided they needed to change the room’s mood and went on to play a different game.

Watch all of their antics below!