Jessica Jung’s Music Videos All Have This Common Theme

Jessica Jung just made her comeback and fans have already found a common concept in all of her music videos!

On December 9th, Jessica released the music video for her comeback track, “Wonderland.” She wrote and composed the track herself.

As fans watched the video, they noticed a few similarities used in her previous releases as well. It seems that in every music video she released, Jessica always has a scene where she’s lying in bed. This was obvious not only for her “Wonderland” music video but also previous releases such as “Fly” and “Love Me The Same.”

Before Jessica explored “Wonderland,” she could be seen just waking up from her beauty sleep. A dreamy start for her comeback music video.

A brief glimpse of her in bed was also found in the music video for “Fly” released last May.

A similar concept was seen on her follow-up track, “Love Me The Same.” Only this time, she was filmed slumping into bed after a long day’s work.

What a common coincidence in all of her music videos!