Jessi’s Dog Chewie Reacting To Her Dancing Is All Of Us

We can’t take our eyes off her when she performs either!

We’ve mentioned that rapper Jessi absolutely loves her dog Chewie, but it’s pretty apparent that Chewie loves her too! Animals are notoriously excellent judges of character, so we know that Jessi is just as awesome as she seems!

Chewie recently shared a video to his personal Instagram account looking mesmerized as he watched his mama dance. At that moment, Chewie was all of us. Jessi has an amazing presence that commands all eyes to be on her when she’s performing.

This isn’t hyperbole or conjecture either, as her brand new song “Who Dat B” broke into the top 1000 songs on the U.S. iTunes charts and has exceeded 3 million views in less than a week!

Fans (and Chewie) can’t take their eyes off Jessi, and with her charisma, talent, and slamming body who can blame them?