J-Hope Wasn’t Supposed To Debut With BTS, But RM Convinced Big Hit And Got Him To Stay

J-Hope chose to drop out, but RM brought him back.

On a past episode of BTS‘s Burn the Stage, the group gathered together to talk about their past, and how the group could be drastically different from what ARMY’s know of them currently.


The members, minus Jungkook, all sat around a table during a meal and began talking about funny events from their past.


However shortly after, it got serious, with Suga talking about his shoulder injury that prevented him from continuing on as a B-Boy.


After this, the members reminisced about how J-Hope dropped out from the debut lineup, and how much Jungkook cried when that happened.


RM, being the group’s leader, went straight to Big Hit management and told them the group needed J-Hope in the debut lineup.

“I told them we needed Jung Hoseok. We need Jung Hoseok, we can’t make it without him. I worked really hard to convince them.” — RM


J-Hope decided to return to the group because he trusted the other 6 members and did it for them.

“Ah really, back then… I came back because I trusted you guys. We worked together for a long time… it’s because the members were there.” — J-Hope


Without RM’s leadership, BTS may not be who we know them as today.


Source: Insight